Our Approach

Aerobase Sdn Bhd is essentially a raw material based company with expertise to extract, grade and qualify its extracted raw materials. Aerobase Sdn Bhd directors and some of its expertise were trained by SIRIM Berhad under the Ceramic Industry Development Program that was jointly promoted with the Ministry of Industrial Development Sarawak.

Aerobase aims to be a major player in the field of ceramic material supplier and especially ball clay and kaolin, in the Asian Region. Suffice to say, we want our customer to feel safe when procuring resources from us.

Our Story

Incorporated in 2005, Aerobase Sdn Bhd has grown to be house of resources for the ceramic Tiles Industry. Although by commitments to market sectoring we are unable to market certain resources in some region, Aerobase will continue to try to export its product based on proper procedures, quality and reasonable prices.

By 2019, Aerobase has now included Taiwan into its fold, recognizing that the continued growth of Taiwan ceramic industry requires support from its neighbours.

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors (2019)


Malik A. Zaidi

Founder & Chairman


D-International Trade

Moussa LHADJ




Muhammad Rasuli